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Amedei - Crema Toscana

Amedei - Crema Toscana

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Like all of Amedei's creations, our cocoa and hazelnut Tuscan Cream is prepared with only the choicest ingredients. Perfect at breakfast, as a spread for bread, or in the preparation of desserts or just enjoyed by the spoonful, our Tuscan Cream will remind you of your favorite childhood snack time treat. This dense and flavorful cream, made with unique "Tonda Gentile" hazelnuts, will draw you into a dazzling experience.


Indulge in the rich flavors of Tuscany with Amedei's Crema Toscana. Its unique combination of creamy hazelnut and cocoa flavors offers a truly decadent experience. Made with the finest ingredients found in the heart of Italy, you won't forget this savory treat.

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