Naïve - Berries


Flavour powerhouse – two words that best describe this chocolate bar. Dark chocolate made from Madagascan cacao beans and blended together with three different berry types. A true summer flashback.

65% cacao
MEDIUM roast level
CRIOLLO predominant genetics

 This is Chocolate NAIVE’s guide to berries:

1) Strawberries. June is strawberry time. Wild or domesticated, small or big – we like to eat them all and in huge amounts. Tiny wild strawberries have a bitter taste but are nevertheless delicious. Garden strawberries are just pure flavour joy.
2) Blueberries. Blue bubbles hidden among the moss. They usually show up in the mid summer. Hard to collect, easy to overeat. We love how they colour your teeth and tongue.
3) Currants. Red, white and black. Second part of the summer. Some are sour and some are sweet. We always prefer blackcurrants as they are so easy to pick. They taste like…hmm…let us just say that the taste is clever!”



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