June 14, 2017


Taste Featured in Expedia's Coolest Downtowns in North America

Downtown Provo Utah

"Chocolate gets a bad rap as indulgent and “sinful,” but the Taste chocolate factory gives downtown Provo its heavenly scent."

We are honored by the mention we received in the write up on Expedia.com about North America's coolest downtowns! We love downtown Provo and have always thought it's the coolest and now we know we're not alone: Read the entire article HERE


April 24, 2016


Taste Featured in Utah Style and Design Magazine!

Click HERE to read the article from Utah Style and Design Magazine!

Everyone knows we love chocolate but we also have a love of design and architecture. When building taste we wanted to make it feel like you were walking into a shop on the streets of Paris or London. With the help of out friends at Alice Lane Home. Visit HERE to read more about the design process in the Alice Lane Blog.



October 04, 2015


Why I spent $37.96 on chocolate

I love dark chocolate and milk chocolate. I love chocolate with fruit, chocolate with nuts, and chocolate with nothing in it. I love cheap chocolate (Hershey’s not included), and expensive chocolate. But I don’t love chocolate enough to buy it constantly, and give up other things so that I can spend more money on chocolate. So, why did I spend almost forty dollars on chocolate in one day? As you read this I hope you will be able to understand.

Read the Complete Article HERE